Thursday, April 23, 2009

So we joined the Blog Club!

So Everyone has been suggesting that we get a blog. I kept saying no.. maybe when we have kids or some big monument in our life happens. Well that time has come, Devin and I are now parents! Now hold on, do not get to excited, we are parents to two adorable orange tabby kittens. Jerry and George Argyle, now they get there names from the popular sitcom Seinfeld, in the show Jerry is very funny, high maintenance, independent, tall and slim, George on the other hand is short and stocky (aka fat), very lazy and pretty dependant on others. That is exactly how our two kittens are! They are so much fun, we love them! It is so silly how animals add so much to your life. I will be honest though Devin and I are to soft-hearted cause we let them sleep with us, well if you have ever had kittens they don't really sleep at night they just play... we have not been sleeping very well. But we can not just put them in their own room! As soon as I find the cord to plug my camera into the computer I will post pictures of the newest addition to our family.

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  1. so you lets see a post! :) haha!